Minna Suikkari, MA (edu.), Class teacher, 2nd grade at Halssila School, Jyväskylä, Finland

"Skilli has helped me to develop myself as a teacher and has even increased the speed of that development"

I was first slightly sceptical about this application as a tool for assessments. I was wondering if it will support the pedagogy I use. However, I quickly learned that Skilli is an excellent tool to help in with assessments. I can say that Skilli has helped me to develop myself as a teacher and has even increased the speed of that development.

With Skilli, I have paid more attention to assessment related target orientation. Targets must be divided into smaller parts and learning must be approached by these small goals. Students cannot be requested to answer direct questions on whether or not they have learned a large entity, instead it is better to try to find out if students have reached the smaller targets and in that way achieved the overall goal. With Skilli the daily, easily routine teaching and learning have changed so that they are more planned, goal oriented and taking students better in consideration.

I have utilized Skilli for different types of learning entities. With the help of Skilli my students have practiced for example multiplication and handicrafts. Skilli enables dividing large learning entities into smaller parts and this way students can understand that learning is made up of small goals leading to bigger goals.

For example, during a long-term handicraft project, students can see in up front all the phases of the work and will understand that there is purpose for each phase. With Skilli it is easy to follow the progress and document it.

We are looking forward to utilize Skilli also for learning done outside of class rooms. We will bring tablets with us and in this way kids can evaluate their progress immediately after the session.

In my class, using Skilli has increased the discussion about assessment. Students have learned to evaluate which learning method fits them and how they learning. The biggest benefit for my students has been to understand the goal-orientation of their learning: students have understood that school is for them. Moreover, they have figured out that assessment is not only for evaluating subject based knowledge, but instead assessing smaller related broad-based parts.

With Skilli I have learned to take my younger students better into consideration. Active discussion about assessments and learning goals has increased mutual understanding in the class room. Assessments and discussion are now an integral part of teaching and learning.

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