Nina Pispala, MA (edu.) Class teacher and vice principal, 6th grade at Viherkallio School, Espoo, Finland

"By using Skilli I have received information that I would not have received in any other way.”"

Skilli’s great visual user interface and ease of use gave me a very positive first impression. It is very easy to take Skilli in use and start to experiment with it in various ways with my students.

I have used Skilli for assessing learning projects. The first large learning entity was a project in applied mathematics, where students could progress at their own phase. Using Skilli we defined for each student his or her optimal way of learning: alone, in a group or with teacher. Moreover, we followed where students prefer to study: in a class room or outside of the class room. In collaboration with one of our language teachers I have also completed a learning entity, in which we combined mathematics, native language and English studies. My students assess their learning after each lesson using Skilli and determine their optimal way of learning.

Skilli provides me concrete results on how students experience their own learning. By using Skilli I have received information that I would not have received in any other way. Skilli activates also the more passive students to deeply reflect on their own learning and give feedback about the learning activities.

My students do not yet fully understand how much Skilli has influenced their ability to learn. Skilli’s gamification with points and titles the students earn motivate students to use Skilli, and in doing that they have started to pay more attention to their learning. We have studied Skilli’s reports in the class room and students have had an opportunity to see how their peers have experienced the same learning activities. Evaluating and investigating Skilli’s data and reports has been very useful and extremely interesting.

With Skilli project based learning has significantly increased. Skilli has helped me to schedule the school work, perceive larger entities and especially assisted in combining different school subjects in a totally new way. Skilli supports well multidisciplinary and phenomenon based learning.

Skilli is an extremely good tool for primary school teaching. We have used Skilli with students from grades 3 to 6, but it could easily be used by 2nd grade students as well. Skilli supports me with discussion about assessment with my students: I have access to up-to-date data and I can guide each student better than before. Skilli is above all a versatile tool for learning.

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