Paula Vorne, MA (edu.), Class teacher and vice principal, 2nd grade at Oulujoki School, Oulu, Finland

"Students have understood that when we do something at school, there is a purpose - learning!"

With Skilli I have comprehensive information on how my pupils experience their learning and what actually has happened during the learning process. Moreover, Skilli provides me with versatile information on how students’ broad-based learning skills are developing.

It was extremely easy to start using Skilli and continue using it daily. The user interface is fun to use and there is enough ready-made information to support an easy and fast start. From the predefined information, everyone can pick up whatever fits them best and there is surely enough options to match everyone’s needs. When I started to use Skilli, I thought my younger students could have problems coping with Skilli as many of the assessment concepts are quite difficult for first or second graders. We discussed the topics in the class room and after the discussion I have been taken by surprise how fast and easily my students learned to use Skilli and adapted the concepts of broad-based learning.

I have used Skilli mostly in to ways as part of my teaching. One of the ways have been to use Skillis as a tool for regular long-term assessment to get the big picture and progress of students’ learning process. Additionally, in the larger learning entities, I have used assessment for evaluating the development of broad-based learning.

Students want to do self-assessments with Skilli and one of motivational factors is Skilli’s gamification: students get scores and new titles when completing their assessments. I teach young students (aged 7 - 8 years) and they have managed to use Skilli independently. Students have understood that when we do something at school, there is a purpose - learning! We aren’t just doing things “for no reason”. We have started to discuss a lot about learning goals and especially about learning collaboration skills. With Skilli, my students have actually started to think about their own actions: how I learn, with whom I learn, and if I didn’t learn, why that happened – was the reason in the company or self-driven. In my class, Skilli has developed significantly students’ skills to evaluate their learning that in itself is a very important skill.

With Skilli I have started to focus more on skills when defining learning goals. I now discuss with students the goals when starting a new learning entity and in the end we summarise how well we reached those targets.

I recommend Skilli to teachers who want to challenge and eagerly want to develop themselves as a teachers to bring class activities and learning culture to a whole new level. Skilli fits teachers who want to explore new ways to improve their work and are open to try new methods and tools.

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